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$3.25 lb hanging

$ 3,400450 pounds boxed average

  • Our whole beef option is available year-round. You’ll love having a large variety of cuts and a freezer-full of naturally raised, homegrown beef. Give our butcher your cut and wrap preferences and we’ll make delivery arrangements for your beef. Offal and dog bone options available on whole beef purchases. Reserve your whole beef with $1,000 deposit.



$3.25 lb hanging

$ 1,730
225 pounds boxed average

  • Pd Naturally halves average $7.68 per pound of boxed meat–an incredible value on homegrown, naturally finished beef. Enjoy the same cut selections as a whole beef. Halves consist of 1/3 steaks, 1/3 roasts, and 1/3 ground. Offal and dog bone options available on halves. Reserve your half beef with a $750 deposit.


WHOLE LAMB, $450 (50 lbs boxed average)

Our lambs are fed a similar wine-grape ration as our beef.  We focus on growing lambs that will give you big, tasty steaks and chops.  We have been raising market lambs since 2007. You won’t be disappointed with our wholesome, homegrown lamb.  $450 for a whole lamb, buyer pays cut and wrap.


Limited freezer space? Choose a 10-box option. We can pack you a 10-15 pound package of 1/3 of steaks, roasts, and ground beef. A great way to sample our Pd Naturally beef.




A great value!



  • Homegrown, naturally finished beef. Fifty pounds will easily fit in your freezer and is a great variety of cuts to last you through a season.
  • 15-17 pounds of a variety of steaks
  • 15 – 17 pounds of roast cuts
  • 15-17 pounds of ground beef


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Delivery options are available for wholes, halves, and quarters. Free delivery on all products within 50 miles of Walla Walla, Washington. Bulk custom cut orders, boxes and individual cut delivery available on scheduled dates and locations in Washington and Northeast Oregon. Call or email for the next delivery date and location near you.

*Wholes, halves, and quarter beef pricing are based on our average hanging weight of 700 pounds.

Listed price includes average cut and wrap fees.

Final beef price will be determined by hanging weight and cut/wrap options. Above average cut/wrap fees and hanging weights may result in additional fees due on delivery.