About Pd Naturally

Donny and Polli have been raising cattle in the Walla Walla Valley since 1996. In 2021, Donny developed a unique feed program to utilize locally produced wine grape marc — a plentiful by-product from several nearby wineries in the Walla Walla Valley. Pd Naturally feeds this specialized wine-grape marc along with corn as a wonderful finishing ration for their beef and lamb. Lambs and calves are born on their farm, raised on pasture alongside their dams, then added to the finishing program when weaned. Wine-grape marc, or pomace, adds many of the same benefits to the consumer, the cattle, and the land as grass-finish programs but can be fed year-round in addition to their pasture. You’ll love eating, cooking, and serving Pd Naturally finished beef and lamb raised by our small family in Eastern Washington. 

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Naturally Finished. Health Comes First. How We Do It.

Pd Naturally treats the animals and land like the treasure they are.

Pd Naturally cows are grazed on grasses all summer.  A portion are grazed in the beautiful Blue Mountains above Walla Walla, while the majority remain on the more leisurely flatland pasture in the Lowden / Touchet area.  Calves are weaned in the fall and are moved into our grape feeding program. They remain in the Lowden area until finished and can enjoy pasture, shade, room to roam, and a tasty wine-grape, corn finishing ration.

In the late fall they move the herd to their winter rangeland on the Washington/Oregon border.  They are blessed with mild winter weather in Southeastern Washington and can often graze the herd from November through mid-January on rangeland. If the weather allows, dams calve on the range and are brought down in April to prepare them for summer pasture rotations. 




Why Wine-Grape Marc?

Feeding wine-grape marc is an amazing inspiration and plan by Donny to up-cycle a plentiful by-product from several local wineries;  Weaver Family Winery, Three Rivers Winery and Waterbrook Winery. Pd Naturally has learned that livestock that are fed grape pomace emit less methane—up to 20% less. Also, wine-grape fed beef have increased levels of HDL and lower levels of LDL cholesterol. It’s better for the consumers as well as the animals.

Reducing methane emissions is a goal of many involved in agriculture production today and Pd Naturally is doing their part. Homegrown, locally sourced beef and lamb, born on the farm, has a wholesome flavor and tenderness that you won’t feel guilty enjoying. Feeding wine-grape marc has enabled Pd Naturally to fill your plate and barbeque sustainably, economically, without sacrificing the health and well-being of our animals and natural resources. The quality of Pd Naturally products and the sustainability of the process is the direct result of dedication and hard work; Pd Naturally likes to boast that the main ingredient in their beef and lamb is effort.

Visit dellait.com to learn about the health benefits of eating meat finished using grape pomace. Dellait is a global Animal Nutrition and Health company.