Send us an email,, or call us and we’ll get you on the list for the next available harvest. 

We harvest year-round, you won’t have to wait months to stock your freezer with wholesome homegrown beef. 

FAQ When Buying Direct from the Producer


Q: Why is the pricing on homegrown beef complicated? I just want a set price per pound on my homegrown beef.
A: Homegrown, finished animals vary in size and weight. The pounds of boxed beef you bring home from a 1,350 pound steer will be different than from a 1,200 pound steer. We don’t want to overcharge you for a smaller finished steer, but we also have to cover our costs on finishing a larger steer–he definitely eats more.
When you pay by the hanging weight, the price is directly tied to the pounds of beef you take home. Above is a graphic of a side of beef at its hanging weight. It’s a very fair pricing system for both consumer and producer.

Things To Know


Buying direct from the farm is safe and secure. We have a well-regarded local butcher, Haun’s Meats, do our cut and wrap.  For our retail cuts and individual pieces, we use the USDA inspected King’s Quality Meats in Clarkston, Washington. If your whole, half, quarter beef, or lamb will be processed at King’s Quality Meats, use these links to submit your cut and wrap options: Beef Cut and Wrap Instructions , Lamb Cut and Wrap Instructions 

We can make arrangements for delivery of your boxed beef or lamb or you can pick up your bulk product directly from the butcher.

Contact us to reserve your animal, animal portion. Shop our webpage for our packaged box options and for purchasing individual cuts.






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